Khosra Khata

15 Jun 2016

The day I start to meditate!

I saw that worrying had come to nothing and gave it up. And took my old body and went out into the morning, and sang.” ~Mary Oliver

1.How I started to meditate : After 1 year of servicing in Village, I was looking for options to self care and how to (in short)  breath out. I wanted some peace,  some space and maybe finding some new people. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and maybe a little bit of me time, and while I was stalking my favorite face book crush I saw a random girl posting for a meditation retreat in coxbazar.
 Could this be an option to open my sense of Narnia? I asked myself.
 I took my chances and send that girl a text..... Thank you for texting back Samia!
The retreat lead me to meet a new monk who works a organisation called Peace Revolution. And also joined in a fellowship program. Finally I started to meditate regularly.

Xmas and how I got my call:  I applied for this fellowship and luckily even got called for interview. A very charming man called Diego called and we had some casual discussion.(he asked if i have anything to add for my favor, finding none I said I’m left handed and he laughed  at my face. Ouch!)
 He told me he will inform me within a week...well month passed, and on the eve of Christmas 2014, i received the invitation letter to join Global Peace on the move,13 fellowship.


3.Living in Mooktawan. (i'm not ready yet) : The thing is i was overwhelmed all the time, the monk keep asking me to share all the troubles, and gave us wonder opportunities to ask them all life related question, (you know the kind you have in mind when its half past 2 and you had a shot of tequila ..and keep wonder what are you doing with your life and what not) ..i had none. I was overwhelmed as i said. I loved each and every moment of Mooktawan. Our day started meditation and ended with meditation. My mind was finally quiet.

Ah those days!

Coming back and when i think of meditation : two year ago i lovingly agreed with my mind to give it a break. My soul agreed and i started to meditate. No its not a feeling to change your entire life, and no I’m still not an expert. But the courage, the step i took lead me to many more places. Meditation made room in heart . It’s like that clean up app that removes all the unnecessary cache data that used to  keep me up at night. It made space for new love, new friends and most importantly new goals.

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17 Mar 2014

Sreepur Village,Where are you taking me?

Sreepur village started as a joke. I managed to convince myself, that I will be a traveler and joining SPP will give me a reason to travel. I Failed. I branched out my emotions, and I lost it completely.
Sreepur village is now the biggest dilemma on my life. In one hand, I love my work as an educator. Socializing with different kinds of people, accompanying people who belongs to different cultures and offers whole lot of stories to share. I enjoy every moment of it. The passion I feel dancing in my vine- is undoubtedly, priceless.
On the other hand, Negativity of few people gets on my nerve. I feel frightened. I feel suffocated.
It’s a weird case you know. The cheapness of human being has always puzzled me. I’m not saying I’m a saint. But my conscious, my guilt has always taken superior position on my life’s decision. Perhaps this is why, I got hurt so easily. I love to believe the greatness of human being, and when they do not choose to walk that way, I feel perplexed.

25 Oct 2013

Sreepur village: one glimpse and few thoughts

1. What am I doing in a village?
 I have recently left my job in esho and joined Sreepur team. They told me, as a linguist I’ll be responsible for Sreepur children’s English language development. …well…. I gotta admit my language skill  is confusing (I’m a lefty! for me the whole idea of right to left seems wrong!:( ) … so I guess I will  try to learn from the children instead of teaching them.

2. Not so warm welcome!
I have recently finished my introduction phase and few staff I met has already warned me about Sreepur’s internal politics. They warned me about gossiping, and inside competitions amongst staff members. It’s sad how some people always tend to see the glass half empty!

3. The silver lining.
The bright side is Sreepur children are very kind hearted and they welcomed me with open wide arms. Sometimes I sit quietly in the preschool and wait till the end to receive a group hug from all of them-and it’s the best feeling in the whole world!