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March 4, 2017

1) Give a little background about you and your journey as a peace activist: when did it begin and how? Well, it all started two years ago in a meditation retreat. I was already familiar with meditation, but on 2015 I officially became a Peace agent on Peace Revolution (, and that’s how it all started.
I was looking for an answer and was searching Peace within myself. I learned that if we find Peace inside, we can find Peace outside; this is how you achieve sustainable Peace for everybody. 2) What are your key achievements and issues you are responding to in relation to your activism work? ( eg: Trauma healing, Human trafficking, women empowerment, etc) 
It is never about me or the achievements, but it’s about us and the movement we all are a part of.I count myself fortunate for the wonderful people I met while working for many wonderful projects. I have spent last…
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(On 28th of June 2015,Facebook introduced a new filter to celebrate same sex marriage. I was overjoyed with this open and liberal outlook and with thousand of other gay rights supporters I changed my Profile Pictures too. Alas, I forgot that I still live in a Muslim Country and many of countrymen are still not ready for this movement. I recieved thousands of sarcasm, backlash and open mockery via my inbox,watsapp etc. Some even called me to ask me about my situation. I forgave all of them. Hence the status.)

1.Hello People, my news feed is flooded with witty-sarcastic-amusing statuses about LGBT pride since yesterday from my Bangladeshi friends.I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion and I deeply respect them. As some of the comments are intended towards me, I thought I owe an explanation.

2.I'm not going to tag my friend as Gay/Lesbian here in the post because her/his sexual orientation can not be her identity.But it is important for me to celebrate this joyous event with h…
(A sweet blog Post about my life at the Orphanage,Written by my friend Diego :))
It’s not uncommon for students from any class, anywhere in the world, to miss their favorite teacher during the summer break or when that teacher moves to a different school. Like most adults, Bangladeshi children tend to spend about a third of the day outside of their home, working or in this case learning with their teachers. But when some of the students are orphans or come from broken families sometimes their attachment to said teacher can be very strong. Luckily for the English language students of Shishu Polli Plus their favorite teacher Quratul “Shudha” Ayen’s absence is only a momentary crisis. Shudha is not the tallest woman in the village or the most athletic, those distinctions belong to Munira and Jasy respectably. But if you take a closer look — inside, to what really matters, Shudha is indeed a very special woman amongst a sea of extraordinary women. She came to Shishu Polli Plus two years …

The day I start to meditate!

(This post describes my journey of how I was introduced to 'Peace Revolution Program' and how meditation affected my life.

I saw that worrying had come to nothing and gave it up. And took my old body and went out into the morning, and sang.” ~Mary Oliver
1.How I started to meditate : After 1 year of servicing in Village, I was looking for options to self care and how to (in short)  breath out. I wanted some peace,  some space and maybe finding some new people. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and maybe a little bit of me time, and while I was stalking my favorite face book crush I saw a random girl posting for a meditation retreat in coxbazar.
 Could this be an option to open my sense of Narnia? I asked myself.
 I took my chances and send that girl a text..... Thank you for texting back Samia!
The retreat lead me to meet a new monk who works a organisation called Peace Revolution. And also joined in a fellowship program. Finally I started to meditate regularly.

Sreepur Village,Where are you taking me?

(This post is about my Job at an orphanage called 'The Sreepur Village'. I was continuing my second month of job there and struggling with the challenge of being in a new place) Enjoy!)

Sreepur village started as a joke. I managed to convince myself, that I will be a traveler and joining SPP will give me a reason to travel. I Failed. I branched out my emotions, and I lost it completely. Sreepur village is now the biggest dilemma on my life. In one hand, I love my work as an educator. Socializing with different kinds of people, accompanying people who belongs to different cultures and offers whole lot of stories to share. I enjoy every moment of it. The passion I feel dancing in my vine- is undoubtedly, priceless. On the other hand, Negativity of few people gets on my nerve. I feel frightened. I feel suffocated. It’s a weird case you know. The cheapness of human being has always puzzled me. I’m not saying I’m a saint. But my conscious, my guilt has always taken superior position…

Sreepur village: one glimpse and few thoughts

(This post is about my first month of a residential job at an orphanage called the 'Sreepur Village. Rest is self-explanatory)

1. What am I doing in a village? I have recently left my job in esho and joined Sreepur team. They told me, as a linguist I’ll be responsible for Sreepur children’s English language development. …well…. I gotta admit my language skill  is confusing (I’m a lefty! for me the whole idea of right to left seems wrong!:( ) … so I guess I will  try to learn from the children instead of teaching them.

2. Not so warm welcome!
I have recently finished my introduction phase and few staff I met has already warned me about Sreepur’s internal politics. They warned me about gossiping, and inside competitions amongst staff members. It’s sad how some people always tend to see the glass half empty!

3. The silver lining.
The bright side is Sreepur children are very kind hearted and they welcomed me with open wide arms. Sometimes I sit quietly in the preschool and wait till…

Leaving a job harder than a breakup!

(This is the story of how my "blog life" begins and how it affected my life.

I opened my blogger account almost a year ago.It was just a whim. I was tired of facebook and tumblr, and decided to try out blogger.I posted  some meaningless articles,believing nobody will ever read it. Then very slowly people started to follow my blog (some even left comments!) but i was still convinced that blogger is just a place to hide my online-self.

But more often then not,Things do not work out as we want to.So whilst in a job interview, me with my big mouth told the interviewer about this blog With the hope of never hearing from them again….and that’s how I started my jouney with Esho.